It’s history now!

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The 50th reunion for the Class of 1968 from Rock Island Senior High school is history! What a terrific weekend. So great to be able to re-see friends and acquaintances.  Photos from Kathy Welsh Morrow, Rob Goldman and a few other random shots can be found here and the all-class photo here!

As an added “treat” we also have a video clip of the Fight Song!

3 thoughts on “It’s history now!

  1. We tried REALLY hard to get there…had it in our plans… but a storm in Taos, N.M disrupted the cooling to the Taos County Assesor’s Office that shut down their computers which caused them to go offline so that they could not display the property that Cindy’s family inherited from their Grandfather after WW1 .

    Are you with us so far ? Since we are the “closest” family owners [ CA,IL, IA,AR ] we felt an obligation [ since even we hadn’t seen the property in 5+ years ] to insure that there were not terrorist squatters on the 280+ acres like those on the news 30 miles north.

    Still with us ?

    Well anyway, for what it’s worth….we thought it best to know where to put the “NO TRESPASSING” signs before we did it. [ knowing how little it will protect us ]

    And now you know and I defy anyone to have a better reason for missing THE 50th. [ there really is NO excuse ]

    Oh how I wish we could have seen your attempts at dancing to “our music” and hugged our old friends.

    I hope that all classmates will add their favorites [not already listed ] and comments regarding “our”

    I just received the 50th Reunion Yearbook from Nancy and realized that I had not included my e-mail for publication.

    50 Years in the blink of an eye…..

    Go For It All Over Again,

    Kirk & Cindy Swanson
    Mesa, AZ 85205


    • You 2 were missed – especially since we were all looking forward to you driving the music bus that night! At any rate, hope real estate issues turn out for the best and look forward to seeing you guys next get together!


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